Masterful Light Capturer

"Nothing comes close the feeling when you just know you've

caught something special". 


Having spent 30 years of being immersed in the photographic world Lisa's career has boasted an entire spectrum of understanding

what makes for a great image. 


Let's revisit where it all began... the days of film. 

A roll of film, particularly colour transparency film, was an expensive commodity with strict limitations placed on the number of exposures allowed per look. 

It is during this introduction to the photographic world that Lisa learnt the importance of reading light with & without a light reader.  Endless hours of art directing, performing in roles of lead hair/makeup stylist, photographic assistant, photographer, all the time watching how light fell on hair/faces/clothes.

Watching the effect a slight turn of a face can make or break an image. 

All of this has seen the evolution of how she sees light and how to use it to enhance her subjects' features. 

Lisa became a masterful light capturer.    



Own Your Identity 

 Lisa 0428 125 820

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