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About Me

I believe a good image isn't always about the exposure combination used 

or the type of camera/lens you have in your kit.  Though these factors are important, I think it's more about being a masterful light chaser.  Seeing the available light and how it falls is vital to a GREAT image.

I love weddings and have spent an entire career mastering the art of photography and capturing light.  Weddings aren't meant to be stressful... quite the opposite!  A wedding is a celebration and the one day where couples get to joyously declare their love for each other.  For me a wedding coverage is expertly capturing the beautiful moments, but it goes further than that... artistic and creative captures of snippets in time that you can treasure for a lifetime... that's what my wedding photography is about :)


I thoroughly enjoy being involved in the capture of creative content for brands and businesses.  I have a belief that there is an interesting element to every business and a passionate business owner behind it.  To bring out this passion and have the ability to showcase a personality or interesting detail is really what I specialise in and love to do.


You get only one chance to capture a series of beautiful wedding day memories or

to capture the first photo session for a little one...